Benedetto Marcello (1686–1739): Dulcis Jesu Mater cara

Bendetto Marcello’s reputation has been eclipsed by that of Vivaldi and the other professional musicians of his era his music is now largely forgotten. Its obscurity is our loss for Marcello’s music was greatly admired and rightly so by Bach, Telemann, Locatelli, Avison and Goethe, and in later times Cherubini, Rossini and Verdi. The ‘Nobile…

Alessandro Grandi (±1586 – 1630): O quam tu pulchra es

There are quite a few good performances on YouTube  of Grandi’s motet based upon the Song of Songs for soloist with continuo accompaniment, including this very nice performance by Philippe Jaroussky one which tends to be overlooked is this rendition by Arianna Vendittelli, accompanied by Renato Criscuolo and Simone Vallerotornda of Musicaperduta. Enjoy :-). mfi