Majida El Roumi Sings Psalm 130 "De Profundis" (Arabic)

I’ll never forget the first time I heard "De Profundis" sung in Arabic. The singer was Majida El Roumi both her singing and the effect it had on her listeners were unforgettable — there was complete silence for several minutes as we all sat there absorbing what it was we’d just experienced.

The owners of the video of her singing the traditional Arabic interpretation of De Profundis have asked YouTube to disable embedding so you’ll need to eiher click this text link or click the screenshot below to hear her, (and to enjoy two and a half minutes of Northern Lebanon’s spectacular beautiful scenery). (Both links open in a new window):


Traditionally in the west the first two words of the incipit for this Psalm gave it its name and to this day you will often see it referred to by its Latin name "De Profundis":

"De profundis clamavi ad te Domine

Domine exaudi vocem meam"

"Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord;

Lord, hear my voice."

Postscript: I’d originally planned to post something else this week but it occurred to me that at a time when so many people in the Middle East are crying out from the depths of the tyrannies imposed upon them and struggling to break free, that this hauntingly beautiful piece of music was something you might like to hear.


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