Saturday Chorale: Libera | Far Away | Michael Horncastle

Libera have recorded a quite a few performances of "Far Away", on Libera’s Official Channel alone you’ll find the "New Version",  the "2006 Version", the "Piano Version" to say nothing of the various videos uploaded by fans. Many of these videos feature Michael Horncastle singing the solo. Horncastle made "Far Away" "his" song, the video below of a performance recorded in 2005 is my favourite.  Lyrics below the fold. Enjoy.



Wherever I go

Far away and anywhere

Time after time you always shine

through dark of night calling after me

And wherever I climb

Far away and anywhere

You raise me high beyond the sky

through stormy night lifting me above

Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus

Venite Spiritu et emitte caelitus

Venite Spiritu Venite Spiri tus

Whenever I cry

Far away and anywhere

You hear me call when shadows fall

your light of hope showing me the way

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