Warwickshire Boys Choir – 2010 Choir of the Year – Grand Final

Remember Rapture Fundy Failure Saturday? I do, giddy with relief that the world hadn’t ended I got drunk, ate two bars of chocolate at one go, posted a video of the Warwickshire Boys Choir singing about how glad they were that we’d all made it.

I promised myself at that time that I’d post more of their singing and here it is. They’re a very new choir, and a very young one, despite those disadvantages they made it through to the finals of the 2010 BBC. This is the BBC’s broadcast of their winning performances interspersed with interviews with their director and some of the boys. You’ll defintely have a smile on your face by time you’ve finished watching.

  1. Gimme Some Lovin’.
  2. Firefly.
  3. La petite fille sage.
  4. Turn to Drink

I’ve put the lyrics and a translation of "La petite fille sage" under the video.  They sing so clearly that the lyrics for the other three songs are eminently discernible.

Enjoy :-)


How to use the playlist:   The playlist consists of a set of thumbnails and text links. Clicking any one of the thumbnails or the text links will load that performance in the large player on top which you use exactly the same as you use YouTube’s player.

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Lyrics: "La petite fille sage" ("The good little girl") from Petites Voix (Small Voices) Francois Poulenc.

La petite fille sage

est rentrée de l’école

avec son panier

The good little girl

comes home from school

with her basket.

Elle a mis sur la table

les assiettes et le verres lourds

et puis elle s’est lavée

à la pompe de la cour

sans mouiller son tablier

She puts on the table

the plates and the heavy glasses,

and then she washes her hands

at the pump in the yard

without getting her apron wet!

Et si le petit frère dort

dans son petit lit cage,

elle va s’asseoir

sur la pierre usée pour voir

l’étoile du soir. Oh.

And if her little brother is sleeping

in his cradle,

she sits

on the doorstep to watch

the evening star. Oh.

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