Drakensberg Seunskoor : Halleluja

Drakensberg ScreenshootFor this posting I’ve put up two videos of the Drakensberg Boys Choir singing Johann van der Sandt’s arrangement of Ralph Siegel and  Anneli van Rooyen’s,  "Halleluja". The first video is of a concert performance on Wednesday 9th March 2011, the conductor is Bragi Þór Valsson, while the accompanists were A. Blaauw and B. De Witt.

If you look closely at the first video you’ll see in the background that they have two screens on which they project information or videos to accompany the song the’re singing. The second video is the accompanying video to their performance of Siegel and  van Rooyen’s, "Halleluja" , it has the same wonderful singing but with different accompaniment and some really spectacular footage of South African scenery and wildlife. Don’t miss this one, enjoy :-)


5 thoughts on “Drakensberg Seunskoor : Halleluja

  1. One thing that should be said about this piece is that it’s not at all as easy to sing as the Drakensberg Boys Choir are making it sound. There are two key changes following in rapid succession just before the two minutes are up. Getting that right as the boys do here is a lot harder than it sounds.


  2. This is very beautiful. Has it been published and/or is it available to buy? If so where and for how much? Thanks. Moira

    • It is beautiful I agree. I don’t know if it is published I suspect because Johann van der Sandt is one of the school’s conductors that only the school have copies. Why not contact them directly and ask if they’d be willing to let you have a copy in exchange for a small donation? Their contact page is here:


      Be aware that this is summer holiday time for South African schools and that the choir is on tour so it might take a while before they reply.

      Hope this helps.


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