Sunday Playlist: Bach Cantata Pilgrimage

Welcome to the first posting in the the "Sunday Playlist" series. To kick things off I’ve picked a playlist set up by YouTube user counterpoint85 showing the entirety of the BBC documentary of John Elliot Gardiner and the Monteverdi Choir’s mammoth undertaking celebrating the millenium to perform all of Bach’s cantatas over a year, and to perform them moreover on the day and occasion for which they were written. It’s an excellent documentary which lasts just under an hour. I hope you’ll find it as enjoyable and informative as I did. Enjoy :-).


How to use the playlist:   The playlist consists of a set of thumbnails and text links. Clicking any one of the thumbnails or the text links will load that performance in the large player on top which you use exactly the same as you use YouTube’s player.

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”AE9229F70BE6DC77″ theme=”youtube” playerLocation=”normal” embeddedHeight=”371″ embeddedWidth=”600″ hqThumbs=”true” resultCountCap=”8″]

Playlist source: Bach Cantata Pilgrimage by counterpoint85’s channel

2 thoughts on “Sunday Playlist: Bach Cantata Pilgrimage

    • You’re welcome :-) – it’s a great documentary, I was thrilled to discover it had been uploaded to YouTube.


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