Sunday Playlist: Schubert – “Death and The Maiden” – Szymanowski Quartet

The Szymanowski Quartet playing Schubert s String Quartet in D minor popularly known as the "Death and the Maiden" because its second movement is adapted from the piano accompaniment to his song "Death and the Maiden". The information the Szymanowski Quartet give about the videos is that they’re of a live performance of the piece in Mexico on Augsust 1st 2008. Playlist is below the fold. Enjoy :-).


The Szymanowski Quartet studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hanover with their teacher and mentor Hatto Beyerle. They continued to refine their performances working with Isaac Stern, Walter Levin and the following quartets: Amadeus, Emerson, Juilliard and Guarneri. Since 2000, they have been "Quartet in Residence" Musikhochschule Hanover.

Source: Szymanowski Quartet

Playlist source: Schubert – Death and the Maiden – Szymanowski Quartet by markfromireland’s channel

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