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Oh my, sometimes you stumble across something and are glad you did. Ian Ball is a British composer whose work I have only heard once before. I was visiting a friend who put on a recording of Ball’s magnificat for me saying as he did so "this one will knock your socks off". Duly sockless I went on my way a few hours later and haven’t come across any recordings of Ball’s work since. Two days I stumbled across his channel on YouTube which has this music video of his setting of the Magnificat. If you enjoy modern choral composition don’t give this music video a miss.

Video and Ball’s description are both below the fold. Enjoy :-).


British composer Ian Ball’s setting of the Magnificat, composed in 2000 and sung here by the Saint Cecilia Singers of Gloucester with organist, David Bednall, under the direction of the composer. Recorded in Gloucester Cathedral, England, in January 2001.

Video Source: Magnificat (Ian Ball) – YouTube

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