Lodovico da Viadana: Exsultate justi

The freshness, vitality, and expressiveness of Lodovico da Viadana’s music made him very influential amongst his peers most of his work consists of sacred choral music and most of it survives. It’s characterised by expressive melodies, simple text setting, and modest proportions. The popularity of his music meant that he never lacked either for patrons or students. He was born into the «Grossi da Viadana» family in Viadana near Parma in 1560. As a young man (the precise year isn’t known but it was sometime before 1588) he entered the Franciscans (Minor Observants) his musical talents were rapidly put to use and by January 1594 he was appointed «maestro di cappella» at Mantua Cathedral by 1602 he was «maestro di cappella» at the convent of San Luca in Cremona, followed by appointments to the cathedral at Concordia and Fano. He died at the convent of S Andrea, Gualtieri on May 2nd 1627. His setting of verses from Psalms 32 and 33  «Exsultate justi» is performed here to great effect by the Prelude Choir, Budapest, directed by Mats László. The concert was given on October 2nd 2010 in Budapest. Lyrics and a translation into English are both below the fold. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Lodovico da Viadana: Exsultate justi from Zoltan Veneczi on Vimeo.


Exsultate justi in Domino:

rectos decet collaudatio.

Confitemini Domino in cithara.

In psalterio decem chordarum psallite illi.

Cantate ei canticum novum.

Bene psallite ei in vociferacione

quia rectum est verbum Domini

et omnia opera ejus in fide.

Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones:

it is fitting for the upright ones to give praise.

Acknowledge the Lord with the harp.

Sing to him with a psaltery of ten strings.

Sing to him a new song.

Sing praises to him well with a loud voice,

for the word of the Lord is right,

and all his works are done in faithfulness.

(Psalm 32:11; 33:1–4 )

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