Christopher Tye (1505–1573) – Laudate Nomen Domini – Cantata Choir

The Cantata Choir of Canterbury Christ Church University, directed by Prof Grenville Hancox singing Christopher Tye’s  ‘Laudate Nomen Domini’ in Canterbury Cathedral crypt. The performance was recorded live and took place on May 26th 2010. Lyrics and a translation to English are below the fold. There are lots of music videos on You Tube of Tye’s ‘Laudate Nomen Domini’ — it’s a lovely piece of music and very singable. Lots of recordings but few of them come even close to being as beautifully sung as this. Lyrics and a translation to English are below the fold. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Laudate Nomen Domini – Christopher Tye, performed by Cantata Choir – YouTube

Lyrics Laudate nomen domini

Laudate nomen domini, vos servi domini;
ab ortu solis usque ad occasum ejus.
Decreta Dei justa sunt et cor exhilarant;
laudate Deus principes et omnes populi.
O come, ye servants of the Lord, and praise his holy name; from early morn to setting sun, his might on earth proclaim. His laws are just and glad the heart; he makes his mercies known. Ye princes come, ye people too, and bow before his throne.

2 thoughts on “Christopher Tye (1505–1573) – Laudate Nomen Domini – Cantata Choir

  1. Praise ye the name of the Lord, you servants of the Lord;
    From the rising of the sun, unto the going down thereof.
    The decrees of God are just and the heart maketh cheerful;
    Praise the God of princes, and all of the people.

    A more accurate translation :-)

    • More literally accurate certainly, but not the translation associated with the piece, it’s not as singable and its scanning is unsatisfactory – there’s a reason why I used the traditional translation. :-)


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