BBC Documentary "How Choirs Work" – Gareth Malone

screenshot-gareth-maloneGareth Malone has made it his life’s work to share his love for and fascination with everything to do with choirs and choral music. His affection, respect, enthusiasm, and knowledge, about the topic  bubble throughout this very enjoyable documentary. The documentary starts with Malone saying "choirs are my passion and have been all my life" and gets steadily better from that point on. Malone is shown working with the BBC Singers exploring and illustrating various aspects of choral music. Composers, and conductors share their knowledge – it’s a well thought out and executed documentary. One of the topics Malone and his guests explore is the amazing flexibility of the human voice. The example they gave came as a most enjoyable revelation to me. There was an all-too-short mention of an American group ‘Naturally 7’. I found it completely amazing what this group can do –  they can and do emulate any number of instruments using their voices and nothing more. Enjoy :-)


Video Source: Uploaded on 8 Jan 2012 by markfromireland

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