Wednesday Earwig: Mark Templeton: When I Hear Her I Have Wings – TMEA All-State Men’s Choir

Mark Templeton’s beautiful love song "When I Hear Her I Have Wings" is a setting of a poem entitled "Gibberish" (yes really check the link if you don’t believe me) by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge. It’s sung here by the Texas Musical Educators Association male choir in a performance dating from 2007. Lyrics below the fold. Enjoy :-)


TMEA All-State Men’s Choir [When I Hear Her I Have Wings] – YouTube  Uploaded by beapodaca on Apr 7, 2008

Lyrics: When I Hear Her I Have Wings

Many a flower have I seen blossom,
Many a bird for me will sing.
Never saw I so sweet a singer,
Never heard I so fair a thing.

She is a bird, a bird that blossoms,
She is a flower, a flower that sings;
And I a flower when I behold her,
And when I hear her, I have wings.

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