Diogo Dias Melgás (1638-1700): Memento Homo

Diogo Dias Melgás (also spelt Melgaz Melgás) was born in Cuba, Portugal, in 1638 and died in Évora in 1700. He became a choirboy at Évora Cathedral aged nine studying under Bento Nunes Pegado his subsequent career was at Évora Cathedral where he was elected master of the boys on 14 March 1662, mestre da crasta in 1663 and mestre de capela in about 1678. He was evidently held in considerable esteem there – he went blind in 1697 but the cathedral continued to pay all three of his stipends. His lenten motet ‘Memento Homo’ starts conventionally enough but as it progresses its harmony becomes more and more baroque in its expressiveness. Enjoy :-).



Latin: Memento homo quia pulvis es et in pulverem reverteris.
English: Remember, O man, that thou art dust and unto dust shalt thou return.

Source: Diogo Dias Melgás (1638-1700) Memento Homo – YouTube Uploaded by markfromireland on Feb 15, 2012

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