William Mundy (c1529-1591): Sive vigilem

William Mundy (father of John Mundy) seems to have lived and worked only in London. His career spanned the Reformation under Henry VII and Edward VI, Queen Mary’s doomed and bloody attempt at undoing the Reformation, and Queen Elizabeth I’s re-establishment of the English Church with herself as its head. His motet "Sive vigilem" is a good example of a Tudor Era motet, it was most probably written during the reign of Queen Mary. It’s a very tightly written piece of music which is also very affecting. It’s performed in the music video that you’ll find below the fold by The Sixteen conducted by Harry Christophers. Enjoy :-).


Text: Sive vigilem

Sive vigilem, sive dormiam, sive edam aut bibam,
semper videor mihi audire sonum tubae
et voce angeli clamantis et dicentis:
Surgite mortui, et venite ad iudicium.
Vigilemus et oremus, quia nescimus
diem neque horam quando Dominus veniet.
Whether I keep watch or sleep, whether I eat or drink,
always I seem to hear the sound of the trumpet and the voice of an angel calling out and saying:
Rise up, ye dead, and come to the judgement.
Let us watch and pray, for we do not know
the day nor the hour when the Lord will come.

Source: William Mundy (c1529-1591) Sive vigilem – YouTube Uploaded by markfromireland on 4 Feb 2012

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