Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594): Sicut cervus – New York Polyphony Live Performance

Sicut cervus – Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Recorded live at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Times Square, New York City.

You’ll find the video, text, and performer links all below the fold. Enjoy :-)


Video Source: Sicut cervus (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina) – New York Polyphony – YouTube Published on Jun 1, 2012 by nypolyphony

Sicut cervus desiderat


Sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquarum:
ita desiderat anima mea ad te, Deus.
Sitivit anima mea ad Deum fortem vivum:
quando veniam et apparebo ante faciem Dei?
Fuerunt mihi lacrimae meae panes die ac nocte,
dum dicitur mihi quotidie: Ubi est Deus tuus?

Psalm 41 (42): 1-3

As the stag yearns for springs of water:
so my soul yearns for you, God.
My soul thirsts for the mighty God who is ever living:
when shall I come and appear before God?
My tears have been my bread day and night,
while it is said to me each day: Where is your God?


For more info on New York Polyphony, please visit:

Audio engineering/ editing: Rick Kwan (
Additional video footage: Joanne Bouknight

5 thoughts on “Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594): Sicut cervus – New York Polyphony Live Performance

  1. Hello Mark, a combination of Fawzy and Sicut Cervus made my first visit to saturdaychorale most interesting. I didn’t know there were others in Ireland who shared my very wide tastes. Maybe you know of – its great you’re so clever with all the visuals. Do get in touch if you’d care to. Bravo, Tim

  2. To Whom Such Things Are A Concern: I have been looking for an accurate English (from Latin to English) translation of Palestrina’s “Magnificant IV Toni”, for quite awhile now. I have yet to find one. Lots of Latin, but no English to suppliment it. Perhaps you could be of some help. The printed translation of the text would be quite nice; the same with a/the musical score, would be exceptionally nice! If not this, then perhaps any further suggestions in terms of potential resources, where I could continue my search. Obviously , I’m open to about anything at this point. Would greatly appreciate whatever you might be able to offer. Thank-You. Sincerely, Harris C. McGuire

    • For the translation go to google and make sure you type it correctly it’s Magnificat NOT Magnificant Wikipedia the very first result gives you no less than five translations to choose from. For the score I suyggest you try either failing that try you can also try Amazon but cpdl and imslp are free.


  3. Thanks for the return trip to St. Mary the Virgen in Times Square. It’s great to be able to visit these sites with you. The quartet, New York Polyphony. is a joy to listen to. The Thomas Tallis, “If Ye Love Me” and the trip to Sweden in the snows, on the bonus track, was a real pleasure. Thanks for this unexpected “twin treat”.

    Bro. John

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