Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528) Transeunte Domino Jesu – YouTube

Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528) worked as a singer first in Aragon and then Seville he’s known as well to have spent time in Rome. His music consists almost entirely of sacred music of which 22 motets survive. This moter "Transeunte Domino Jesu" is a conflation of texts from the Gospels relating Christ’s healing of the blind man. Peñalosa handles the text using repetition in a manner which exudes serenity and confidence.

Video, text, and translation are all below the fold. Enjoy :-)


Text: Transeunte Domino Jesu


Transeunte Domino Jesu caecus quidam
secus viam clamabat, dicens:
Jesu fili David, miserere mei!
O bone Jesu Fili Dei vivi, miserere nobis.
At ille dixit: Quid vis ut faciam tibi?
Domine, ut videam lumen.
Respice! Fides tua te salvum fecit.
Et omnis plebs ut vidit dedit gloriam Deo

A certain blind man beside the road
cried out to the Lord Jesus passing by, saying:  Jesus, son of David, have mercy on me.  O good Jesus, son of the living God, have mercy on us.  And he said: what will you have me do unto you?  O Lord, that I might see the light!  Regain your sight! Your faith has made you whole.  And all the multitude who saw it, glorified God.

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