Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528): Memorare, Piisima – YouTube

There’s some doubt as to whether this four-part motet is by Peñalosa or Escobar, irrespective of which of them it’s by it’s a beautiful Marian motet by a Spanish master. It’s sung below by the Ensemble Gilles Binchois & Les Sacqueboutiers conducted by Dominique Vellard´. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Francisco de Peñalosa – Memorare, Piisima – YouTube Uploaded by sh4m69 on Jul 18, 2011

Text: Memorare, Piisima


Memorare, Piissima, opprobria et crudeles gressus quos
Filius tuus, Iesus Nazarenus, sustulit pro nostra amicitia;
et memora quinque millia flagella quæ sustulit;
tene memoria quomodo tractatus est inter manus inimicorum;
non dimitas cogitare quomodo vidisti eum afixum in cruce et crudeliter
manus eius et pedes confixi clavis;
et recordare gravissimum dolorem quem recepisti,
videndo eum in tuis sacratissimis brachiis mortuum,
et sic tractatum viliter quem genuisti.
O, Mater alienorum, esto memor peccatorum. Amen.

Remember, o gracious one,
the insults and vicissitudes which your son,
Jesus of Nazareth, endured for his love of us; remember also,
the five thousand lashes of the scourge which he received;
remember how he was delivered into the hands of his enemies;
without end, consider how you saw him fastened on the cross,
his hands and feet cruelly nailed;
and recall the great anguish you felt on seeing,
without life in your holy arms, he who you had begat.
O Mother of the condemned, for all that, remember the sinners.

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