Music of The Pater Noster: The Lord’s Prayer – Albert Hay Malotte (1895 – 1964): Sean Holshouser

Sometimes, all too rarely, but sometimes, there’s a pleasing cross-over between one or other of my musical enthusiasms and and another. Just such a cross-over took place last week when Sean Holshouser uploaded a video of himself singing Albert Hay Malotte‘s setting of The Lord’s Prayer accompanied by his father Scott on piano. Sean is a singer whose work I follow with interest. He’s a 13 year-old resident in Houston, Texas, blessed with a lovely singing voice and musically talented parents. If you’re not familiar with his singing toddle along to his main YouTube Channel and have a listen to his work, I particularly like his rendition of "In Dreams" from "The Lord of the Rings"and will defintely be playing his performances of various Christmas classics including "What Child Is This?" that he sang as a duet with his mother . He was a talented boy soprano and on the basis of what he’s uploaded so far he has a bright future as a tenor/baritone. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: The Lord’s Prayer ~ Sean Holshouser – YouTube Published on Nov 11, 2012 by SeanHolshouser

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