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It’s been a while since I posted a documentary so for this week’s Sunday Playlist I’ve picked the excellent set of six short documentaries by Oxford University’s official YouTube channel dealing with Oxford’s world class choral tradition. The Oxford ‘In Voice’ set of documentaries is:

A six-part, six-months, behind-the-scenes web series, discovering what it takes to sing at a world-class level in Oxford’s renowned choirs. (Source: EDU – YouTube).

The series as a whole gives a good overview of choral life in Oxford with each episode covering a different aspect of what goes to make up a world famous choral tradition:

  1. Oxford in Voice (1/6): The Choir
  2. Oxford in Voice (2/6): The Organ
  3. Oxford in Voice (3/6): The Mind
  4. Oxford in Voice (4/6): The Composer
  5. Oxford in Voice (5/6): The Voices
  6. Oxford in Voice (6/6): Christmas

I’ve included the playlist in two formats – there’s the standard YouTube playlist which, depending on your browser settings, makes it easier to play the videos back-to-back as a series and also using the "Saturday Chorale" playlist format which presents the video as a gallery making it easier to focus on or revisit particular videos. Whichever option you choose enjoy :-).


Playlist Source: Oxford in Voice – YouTube by markfromireland’s channel

How to use the playlist: Clicking any one of the thumbnails will load that performance in the large player on top which you use exactly the same as you use YouTube’s player.

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PLobMwPC5QRXaxL1IfZeRCd4-dQCKMb_e9″ theme=”youtube” playerLocation=”normal” embeddedHeight=”480″ embeddedWidth=”600″ hqThumbs=”true” resultCountCap=”12″]

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