Geoffrey Burgon (1941-2010): Prayer to the Trinity

I really don’t have anything to say here – the beauty of Burgon’s music, the sensitivity with which he handles the fifteenth century text, and the singing by Chichester Cathedral Choir conducted by Alan Thurlow all speak for themselves. Enjoy :-).


Text: A Prayer to the Trinity, ‘Almighty God, Father of Heaven’

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Almighty God, Father of Heaven
For Christ’s love that died on Rood,
I pray thee, Lord, thou hear my stevene,
And fulfil my will in good.

Christ, thy Father for me pray,
For his love thou lighted inne,
He give me might, or that I die,
Me to amend of all my sin.

The Holy Ghost, thou grant me grace,
With such works my life to lead,
That I may see God in his face
On Domesday, withouten dread.

Mary, thy son for me thou pray,
He give me grace, or that I wend,
That I have, after I die,
The bliss of Heav’n withouten end.

Father and Son and Holy Ghost,
All one God and Persons three,
Almighty God of mightès most,
Lord, have mercy on me.

And on all that mercy need for charity.
Amen, par amor, Amen.

Source: Anonymous fifteenth century devotional text

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