Charles Villiers Stanford (1852–1924): The Blue Bird – Boys Air Choir

Stanford’s setting of’ The Blue bird’ transforms Mary Coleridge’s somewhat humdrum short poem into one of those jewel-like pieces of music that stay with you long after you first heard them. It’s sung below in a marvellously atmospheric interpretation by the Boys Air Choir, the soloist was Edward Burrowes who was thirteen years of age at the time the recording was made. Enjoy :-).


Lyrics: The blue bird

The lake lay blue below the hill.
O’er it, as I looked, there flew
Across the waters, cold and still,
A bird whose wings were palest blue.

The sky above was blue at last,
The sky beneath me blue in blue.
A moment, ere the bird had passed,
It caught his image as he flew.

(Mary Coleridge, 1861–1907)

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