The Marian Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria Part 7: Missa Vidi speciosam – YouTube

Madonna with the Child (Luis de Morales circa 1520-1586) Victoria published this setting of the Mass in 1592. It’s based upom his motet ‘Vidi speciosam’ which was written for  use during the Feast of the Assumption (15th August) both the motet and this Mass are for six part choir, and both (the Mass in particular) are very concisely written. The Mass quotes the Motet regularly for example at the start of the Kyrie uses the first phrase of  the motet while the second ‘Kyrie’ is bassed on the motet section ‘Et sicut dies verni’. As you listen to the Gloria you can hear derivations from  from the first half of the motet until ‘Qui tollis peccata mundi’ at which point Victoria uses the motet’s second half opening ‘Quae est ista’. The Credo to uses quotations and motifs from the motet while the Sanctus begins with the ‘Vidi speciosam’ opening music. SImilarly the Benedictus ‘Hosanna in excelsis’ for six voices is a rewriting of ‘Et sicut dies verni’ from the motet. The Agnus Dei however makes relatively little use of the motet it’s rigorously but very rich written with few flourishes.


Video Source: Tomás Luis de Victoria (1548-1611) Missa Vidi speciosam – YouTube  Published on 2 Jun 2012 by  markfromireland

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