The Marian Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria Part 9: Missa Ave Regina caelorum

Madonna with the Child (Luis de Morales circa 1520-1586) Victoria wrote his setting of the Mass ‘Missa Ave Regina caelorum’ for two equal SATB choirs it’s a brilliantly intense piece of music in which you can hear material from his settings of the motet ‘Ave Regina Caelorum‘. (I wrote about his eight-part setting of ‘Ave Regina caelorum here: The Marian Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria Part 4: Ave Regina caelorum a 8 | Saturday Chorale mfi). It’s characterised by rythmic vigour, rapid changes in texture and very powerful climaxes all of which combine to give a great sense of forward movement and of joy to the piece. Whenever I hear this Mass I’m always struck by how Victoria solved the problem faced by all composers of making the Gloria and the Credo musically interesting. Victoria’s solution to the fact that these sections of the Mass are both long and verbose is to engage the choirs in a vigorous musical dialogue of antiphonal exchanges thereby adding both colour and interest to them. It’s sung below with conviction by the Westminster Cathedral Choir conducted by Martin Baker. Enjoy :-).



Scores available from Nancho Alvarez’s site here: partituras de Tomas Luis de Victoria

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