The Madeleine Choir School: ‘A Ceremony of Carols’ 2012 – YouTube

Madeleine choir school pupils

‘A Ceremony of Carols’ (1942) -performed by The Madeleine Choir School of Salt Lake City. (5th through 8th Grades) Conducted by MCS Ms. Melanie Malinka with Janet Peterson on Harp. Performed in The Cathedral of the Madeleine ‘live’ in December of 2012.

-After 3 very successful years in America, Britten boarded a Swedish Cargo vessel, the Axel Johnson, on March 16, 1942 to Britain from the US. It was a month long journey. U-boat activity was at its height. During the voyage the vessel berthed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Britten came across a book of medieval poems. Some of these he set during the voyage as ‘The Ceremony of Carols.’ It was originally written for a boys choir and harp only. Here the internationally performing Madeleine Choir School (the only co-ed choir school in North America) performs Britten’s masterpiece.

Video and description source: The Madeleine Choir School, ‘A Ceremony of Carols’ 2012 – YouTube Published on Dec 26, 2012 skmedia1

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