Hieronymus Praetorius (1560-1629): Gaudete omnes

PrevitaliNativityThumb As you might guess from its name ‘Gaudete omnes’ (All people, rejoice) is a cheerful and optimistic Christmas motet. Dating from 1599 it’s an example of Praetorius’ compositional virtuosity that mixes six-voice imitative polyphony with a madrigalian voice-exchange and homophonic writing. Enjoy :-).


Text, Translation,  and Score: Gaudete omnes

Latin textEnglish translation
Gaudete omnes et laetamini:
quia ecce, desideratus advenit:
introite in conspectu eius in exsultatione:
scitote quoniam ipse est exspectatio nostra.
All people, rejoice and be glad:
for behold, the longed-for one has arrived:
go into his presence with joy:
for you know that this is the one we have awaited. Alleluia.
Score available from : Gaudete omnes (Hieronymus Praetorius) – ChoralWiki

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