Wednesday Earwig: Bohemian Rhapsody A Capella – YouTube

Whenever I tell people that Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is a superbly written exmple of a capella music there’s a certain sort of musical snob who immediately displays their ignorance by plastering a sneer on their face. The fact that it’s such a remarkably well-written piece of music is why choirs the world over do cover versions of it, partly because it’s such good music, partly because it’s fun to do, and partly to lure prospective choristers into the fold. This is one of the best versions a of it I know. It’s brilliantly sung (and acted) I cannot help but think Freddy Mercury would have thoroughly approved. Ladies and gentlemen! Herewith the first Earwig of 2014! Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Bohemian Rhapsody A Capella – YouTube Uploaded on Jul 1, 2008 by Dr. Jan Pieter Mulder

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