Orlande de Lassus (±1530-1594): Pacis amans

De Lassus was never employed at the imperial court but the fact that he worked for the Dukes of Bavaria meant that he was frequently called upon to write music to be sent to the Emperor as a musical gift.  ‘Pacis amans‘ (Lover of peace) is one such gift it was written to celebrate Maximilian’s II crowning as King of Bohemia in 1562. It’s a pleasant piece with some very forward-looking and varied harmonic writing. Enjoy :-)


Text & Translation: Pacis amans

Pacis amans cultorque
Deum fideique lucerna,
rex, grande Austriadum,
Maxmiliane, decus,
in te omnis virtus
nata est: Rex faxit Olympi
imperii ut possis
sceptra tenere semel.
Te nunc laetetur
sortita Bohemia regem,
qui verae partes
religionis agis;
et divina sacrae
fidei qui iura tueris,
te Deus in multos
det superesse dies.
Lover of peace and worshipper
of God, lantern of our faith,
King Maximilian, great
glory of the Austrians,
in you, all virtue was born:
may the king of heaven
grant you to hold
the imperial sceptre one day.
May Bohemia rejoice
now that it has you as its king,
who defends the interests
of the true faith.
You, who protect the divine rights
of the holy faith,
may God let you live
for many long years.

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