4th Sunday of Lent 2014 Robert Fayrfax (1464-1521): Maria plena virtutate

Of all Fayrfax’s works his meditation on the Passion "Maria plena virtute" (Mary full of virtue) is the one that I find the most moving.


Video Source: Robert Fayrfax (1464 1521): Maria plena virtutate Published on 26 Mar 2014 by markfromirelandDenmark

Text & Translation: Maria plena virtutate

Maria plena virtute pietatis gratiae, mater misericordiae, tu nos ab hoste protege. Clementissima Maria, vitae per merita compassionis tuae pro nobis preces effunde, et de peccatis meis erue. Sicut tuus Filius petiit pro crucifigentibus, "Pater dimitte ignorantibus", magna pietate pendens in latronibus, dixit uni ex hominibus " In Paradiso cum patribus mecum eris hodie". Mater dolorosa plena lacrimosa videns ruinosa Filium in cruce, cum voce raucosa dixit speciosa "Mulier clamorosa Filium tuum ecce." Vertens ad discipulum sic fuit mandatum matrem fuisse per spatium et ipsam consolare; et sicut decebat filium servum paratissimum custodivit preceptum omnino servire. Dixit Jesus dilectionis " Sitio salutem gentium". Audi orationibus nostris tuae misericordiae, O Jesu. Rex amabilis quid sustulisti pro nobis per merita tuae passionis peto veniam a te. Jesu, dicens clamasti," Deus meus, num quid me dereliquisti" Per acetum quod gustasti ne derelinquas me. "Consummatum." dixisti. O Jesu Fili Dei, in hora exitus mei, animam meam suscipe. Tunc spiritum emisit, et matrem gladius pertransivit: aqua et sanguis exivit ex delicato corpore: Post ab Arimathia rogavit et Jesum sepelivit, et Nicodemus venit ferens mixturam myrrhae. O dolorosa mater Christi, quales poenas tu vidisti, corde tenens habuisti fidem totius ecclesiae. Ora pro me, regina coeli, Filium tuum dicens; "Fili, in hora mortis peccatis suis indulge." Amen.Mary, full of virtue, pity and grace, mother of mercy, protect us from the enemy. Most gentle Mary, filled with life, pour out, of your compassion, prayers on our behalf, and release me from my sins, just as your son prayed for those crucifying him,"Father, forgive the ignorant." Hanging between two robbers, through his great holiness he said to one of the men,"You will today be in heaven with me and with your ancestors".  The grieving mother, filled with tears, destroyed by the sight of her son hanging on the cross, spoke in a hoarse voice, pronouncing her feelings. "Wailing woman", was the reply,"Behold your son." As he turned to the disciple, came the order to console herself with the thought that she had been a mother for a time, and just as she was worthy of a son so ready to be a servant; so he obeyed the instruction to be a servant completely.
Jesus spoke of his choice,"I thirst for the deliverance of the nations." Of your mercy, give ear to our prayers, O Jesus.  King most worthy of love, what you endured for us. Through the grace of your suffering I seek pardon from you. Jesus, you called out, saying,"My God, why have you deserted me?"
By the vinegar which you tasted, do not desert me. "It is finished," you said. Jesus, Son of God, take up my soul in the hour of my death.
Then he gave up the ghost, and the sword pierced his mother: water and blood poured out from his tender body. Later, she asked for his body from Arimathea and buried Jesus, and Nicodemus came bearing a mixture of myrrh. O grieving Mother of Christ, what punishments you saw. You had the  faith of the whole church, keeping it in your heart.
Pray for me, Queen of Heaven, saying to your son,"Son, forgive your servant’s sins in the hour of his death." Amen.

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