Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924): In Paradisum – Skt. Clemens Drengekor

Skt. Clemens Drengekor (St. Clemens Boys Choir) is a young Danish choir founded in May  2003 by Århus Cathedral’s  Domkantor Carsten Seyer-Hansen in conjuction with Århus Musikskole within six monts they’d given their first concert. Today they number 45 choristers ranging in age from nine to sixty and as well as singing in the Cathedral give about ten concerts a year in Denmark as well as recent tours to Germany, Holland, Belgium and France. They’re a good choir who sing well and who work hard to improve their singing and expand their repertoire. You can hear them below singing In Paradisum from Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem in a concert they gave at Løgumkloster Church on June 29th 2009.

Fauré’s requiem is very different from the Requiems of his contemporaries such as Verdi, Cherubini and Berlioz whoe settings show them to have been captivated by the text’s emphasis on death, judgment and destruction, it’s a gentle a serene work whose message is that Death should not befeared but rather it was to be welcomed as a relief from suffering and the passage into a more blissful life. It’s a beautifully melodic work eminently suitable to the very clear tone of Danish choral singing. Enjoy :-)


Video Source: Faure Requiem: VII. In Paradisum Skt. Clemens Drengekor  Uploaded on 4 Jul 2009 by ClemensDrenge

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