William Byrd (±1539-1623): Deus venerunt gentes

Byrd’s five-part (ATTBB) motet was first published in Cantiones sacrae I in 1589. It’s a response to the execution of Edmund Campion and his companions in 1581. It’s rarely performed now partly because it’s the longest of his imitative motets, partly because it’s a beast to sing, and partly because (very unusually for Byrd) it doesn’t offer much in the way of musical interest. Worth listening to nevertheless if only to hear how he uses double imitation. Enjoy :-)


Score available from here: Deus venerunt gentes – Posuerunt morticinia – Effuderunt sanguinem – Facti sumus opprobrium (William Byrd) – ChoralWiki

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    • English Renaissance religious music is particularly wonderful. I hope you’ll visit often and enjoy your visits.


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