Back in September 2011 I posted a superb performance of Tallis’ ‘Salvator mundi‘ by the Danish choir Herning Kirkes Drengekor (see: Saturday Chorale: Herning Kirkes Drengekor: Salvator Mundi – Thomas Tallis | Saturday Chorale) they’re a superb choir and living proof that the vibrant Danish choral tradition is alive and well. They put in a lot of dedication and effort to their singing  and that includes collaborating with the celebrated  Jyske Sangskole’s  masterclass programme. Hard work but a lot of fun too. Enjoy :-).


Developing young singing talents. David Lowe teaches treble (boy soprano) from Herning Boys Choir in Denmark. Recorded at The Jutland School of Singing during its Masterclass for Young Voices in 2010.

Video Source: David Lowe teaches boy soprano, 13-year-old Mathias (Masterclass 2010 at Den Jyske Sangskole)Published on 12 Jun 2013 by Den Jyske Sangskole

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