Francisco Guerrero (1528-1599): Regina caeli a 8

His contemporaries thought so highly of Guerrero that during Philip II’s reign he was hailed as Spain’s foremost composer. His compositional skills were based upon his musical gifts he not only sang but was an excellent player of the organ, vihuela, harp and cornett.  Later generations weren’t so enthusiastic with musicologists and music historians tending to dismiss his music as being both excessively sweet and lacking in the musical vigour of Morales and Victoria. I’ve never undrestood this criticism it’s true that his music is nowhere near as dour as that of Morales (who taught him) nor is it as taut or as cheerful as de Victoria’s compositions — it’s somewhere in between, it’s reminiscent of both while having its own distinctive style and voice. As to lack of vigour – really? Nobody who hears what he does with the alleluias at end of each section of the antiphon would ever say that it lacked vigour.   Enjoy :-).


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