Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (±1525-1594): Dilectus meus descendit

Dilectus meus descendit (My beloved has gone down) is the twenty-first in the series of Palestrina’s chamber motets which draw upon the sensual language and imagery of  The Song of Songs. Enjoy :-)


Text & Translation: Dilectus meus descendit

Dilectus meus descendit
in hortum suum ad areolam aromatum,
ut ibi pascatur in hortis, et lilia colligat.
Ego dilecto meo, et dilectus meus mihi,
qui pascitur inter lilia.

My beloved has gone down into his garden
to the beds of spices, as there to feed
in the gardens, and to gather lilies.
I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine,
he who feeds among the lilies.

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