Escolania de Montserrat: El Rossinyol (Washington Concert)

El Rossinyol is a lovely old Catalan folk-song in which a bride laments her marriage to a shepherd and asks the Nightingale to send her love to her mother but not her father who married her off. It’s sung below by the boys of the always superb Escolania de Montserrat. The soloist was Eduard Boadas and the concert was given at Strathmore Music Centre (Maryland – USA) on March 16th 2014 as part of the Escolania’s 2014 USA tour. This video has very kindly been made available by Montserrat Gorina-Ysern. Enjoy :-).


El Rossinyol: Catalan folk song, harmonized by Francesc Civil (1895-1990).

Soloist: Eduard Boadas.

Concert at Strathmore Music Center (Maryland – USA), March 16th 2014.

Escolania de Montserrat feels very grateful to Montserrat Gorina-Ysern, who let us share this video with our followers (and the next videos of the concert we’ll put on YouTube).

Copyright: Montserrat Gorina-Ysern, 2014.
Production and edition: Montserrat Gorina-Ysern
Team: Aref Alvandy, Naeemah Powell, Abdel Ahmadi, Ilene Weinbrenner.
With the support from: Montserrat Solà-Solé, Diana Molineaux, Roser & Josep Caminals and William Heath, Montserrat Vericat & Sydney Gibson, Pilar Saenz, Xavier Isern, Sara Adkins-Blanch, Tomas J. Balino, Montse Puig, Cary Kamarat, Roser de la Torre, Lourdes Reviriego.

Video Source: Escolania de Montserrat: El Rossinyol (Washington Concert) – YouTube Published on 30 Nov 2014 by EscolaniaMontserrat

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