Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (±1525-1594): Dum complerentur

Palestrina 180x179 captioned Palestrina first published his six-part (SAATTB) Pentecostal motet Dum complerentur in 1589 in the Liber primus motettorum. It’s a musical depiction of the ‘rushing wind’ that filled the house in which the Apostles were hiding when the Holy Spirit descended upon them. It’s very cleverly done he uses the Alleluias that mark the end of sections in the text to cue the musical figure whose vigorous forward flow depicts the wind. If you take a look at the score you’ll see that it’s very densely written with each phrase having it’s own motif this makes it quite difficult to sing but the effect is oh so beautiful when the choir succeeds in pulling it off as you can hear below. Enjoy.


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