Documentary: God’s Composer Tomás Luis Victoria

One of the series of "Sacred Music" documentaries with Simon Beale shown on the BBC. This one explores the life and music Tomás Luis de Victoria.

One of the greatest choral composers of the Renaissance, Victoria devoted his life to the church and his music is profoundly spiritual. Interwoven with Victoria’s music, this documentary follows Simon Russell Beale as he takes us through the life and times of Victoria. Harry Christophers and The Sixteen perform Victoria’s music in the glorious setting of the Church of San Antonio de los Alemanes in Madrid, founded in 1606 by Philip III in Victoria’s lifetime.

Enjoy :-)


Video Source: ▶ God’s Composer Tomás Luis Victoria (59 Minutes) – YouTube Published on 27 Apr 2014 by Classical Music Universe

4 thoughts on “Documentary: God’s Composer Tomás Luis Victoria

  1. Hello Mark
    This is a fabulous documentary: I have listened to it twice so far and picked up new details each time.
    There is a whole series of these with Simon Beale and Harry Christophers, each episode about a different composer and his music.
    Great stuff!

    • It is a good documentary I agree Richard, the whole series is excellent, starting with the Sacred Music series and going on from there.


  2. Greetings Mark,

    What a marvelous way to learn more about this composer!

    Yes, this is a wonderful documentary. Not alone is the music “Glorious” but the tour through Avila,Madrid,Rome, and the museums, the churches, the library, the streets and plazas, all, make this a truly memorable experience. Thanks again for sharing this with us. Saturday Chorale is the BEST.

    Br. John

    • I particularly like this documentary but then I love de Victoria’s music, I admire the way the whole thing comes together to give us an idea of the man and his world. I’m sure the fact that Simon Russell Beale was a chorister himself has a lot to do with it. I’m glad you like this place — it’s very much a labour of love.


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