Alfonso Ferrabosco The Younger (1572-1628): Four Note (Pavan) – Connor Burrowes

This piece was one of my first encounters with Connor Burrowes’ beautiful voice, the accompanists are the Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet. Enjoy :-)


Video Source: Connor Burrowes – Ferrabosco II Four Note(Pavan).wmv – YouTube Published on 26 Jan 2013 by treblechoir99

2 thoughts on “Alfonso Ferrabosco The Younger (1572-1628): Four Note (Pavan) – Connor Burrowes

  1. Can you tell me what the text is of the Ferrabosco Four-note Pavan sung by Connor Burrowes? I am unable to make out enough of it to be certain. Perhaps 85 year old ears have something to do with it. Thank you.

    • I did a quick bit of searching to refresh my memory apparently it’s a poem by Ben Jonson who according to contemporary sources wrote it specifically to fit Ferrabosco’s pavan here it is:

      Hear me, O God!
      A broken heart
      Is my best part.
      Use still thy rod,
      That I may prove
      Therein thy Love.

      If thou hadst not
      Been stern to me,
      But left me free,
      I had forgot
      Myself and thee.

      For sin’s so sweet,
      As minds ill-bent
      Rarely repent,
      Until they meet
      Their punishment.

      Who more can crave
      Than thou hast done?
      That gav’st a Son,
      To free a slave,
      First made of nought;
      With all since bought.

      Sin, Death, and Hell
      His glorious name
      Quite overcame,
      Yet I rebel
      And slight the same.

      But I’ll come in
      Before my loss
      Me farther toss,
      As sure to win
      Under His cross.

      Hope this helps.


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