Robert Ramsey (fl c1612-1644): In monte Oliveti

Ramsey’s madrigal-anthem probably dates from around 1615 and was written for private devotions rather than the liturgy. It’s a six-part setting that with its harmonic tensions, repetitions, and use of declamation and and dissonance can sound surprisingly modern to our ears. Enjoy :-).


Text & Translation: In monte Oliveti

In monte Oliveti orabat ad Patrem:
Pater, si placet tibi transeat a me calix iste.
Spiritus vero promptus  est,
Caro enim concupiscit ad versum spiritum.
Fiat voluntas tua.
On the Mount of Olives He prayed to the Father:
Father, if it please You take this cup away from me.
The spirit is willing,
The flesh, however, craves that the spirit be turned.
Thy will be done.

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