Charles Villiers Stanford (1852-1924): When Mary Thro’ the Garden Went

Standford Sketch 150x200 Stanford’s wonderful four-part (SATB) motet  ‘When Mary Thro’ the Garden Went’ sets a text by Mary E. Coleridge. When I was planning this week’s postings I was confident there’d be lots of good live performances of it on YouTube, "that’ll larn me" to coin a phrase. There are a few performances of it on YouTube but the only one that I actually liked is the live performance that you can hear below given by Temple University Recital Choir. I hope you’ll enjoy hearing it as much as I did.  The text to Coleridge’s poem is below the video. Enjoy :-).


Video Source: Live Performance – YouTube Published on 7 Feb 2015 by Ryan Mullaney.

Text: When Mary Thro’ the Garden Went

When Mary thro’ the garden went,
There was no sound of any bird,
And yet, because the night was spent,
The little grasses lightly stirred,
The flowers awoke, the lilies heard.

When Mary thro’ the garden went,
The dew lay still on flower and grass,
The waving palms above her sent
Their fragrance out as she did pass.
No light upon their branches was.

When Mary thro’ the garden went,
Her eyes were dim.
The grass beneath her footsteps bent,
The solemn lilies, white and slim,
These also stood and wept for him.

When Mary thro’ the garden went,
She sought within the garden ground,
One for Whom her heart was rent,
One Who for her sake was bound,
One Who sought, and she was found.

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