Jacquet de Mantua (1483 -1559): Aspice Domine

Jacques Colebault or Jacquet de Mantua as he became known was a prolific French composer who spent most of his life in Italy serving the Church. Musically he’s important first as one of the leading composers in the period between Josquin and Palestrina and secondly because he was enormously influential. Amongst his patrons were the Este family, Ercole Cardinal Gonzaga (President of the Council of Trent), and Popes Leo X and Clement VII. His works were widely published with collections of his works being published by Scotto and Gardane while music theorists such as Lanfranco, Vanneo, Artusi and Cerone all lauded his works as being equal to those of Gombert and Willaert. While younger composers such as  de Monte, Ruffo, Vaet, de Lassus, Merulo and last but by no means least Palestrina all drew inspiration from him using works of his as the basis of compositions of their own. Aspice Domine, which was first published in 1532 is the most famous of his motets is a good example of how widespread and influential his music was being found in more than forty sources, including no less than seven instrumental intabulations. Enjoy :-).


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