Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528): Sancta Maria

Francisco de Peñalosa’s setting of the Magnificat Antiphon for First Vespers on Feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary is quite typical of his motets in that it’s entirely free of borrowed material and is very concerned  expressing the text this very humanist approach represented a decisive break with the past and Peñalosa exploited the compositional freedom to the full. Enjoy :-).


Francisco de Peñalosa (±1470-1528): Sancta Maria

Sancta Maria succurre miseris,
iuva pusillanimes,
refove flebiles;
ora pro populo,
interveni pro clero,
intercede pro devoto femineo sexu;
sentiant omnes tuum iuvamen
quicumque celebrant
tuam commemorationem.
Holy Mary, succour the poor,
help the faint-hearted,
revive the weeping:
pray for the people,
intervene for the clergy,
intercede for the faithful female sex;
that all who celebrate
your feast-day
may know your help.

Performers: Pro Cantione Antiqua conducted by Bruno Turner

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