Francisco Guerrero ( 1528 – 1599): Prudentes virgines

Francisco Guerrero’s five-part motet Prudentes virgines (wise virgins) sets a text based on the Gospel parable of the ten virgins (the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins) it was first published in Venice in 1570.  Guerrero was greatly admired by his contemporaries not least Alonso Lobo who based his Missa Prudentes virgines upon Guerrero’s motet. Enjoy :-)


Francisco Guerrero ( 1528 – 1599): Prudentes virgines

Prudentes virgines, aptate lampades vestras:
ecce sponsus venit, exite obviam Christo Domino.
Quinque prudentes virgines acceperunt oleum in vasis suis: media autem nocte clamor factus est.
Matthew 25: 1–13

Trim your lamps, wise virgins: behold the bridegroom comes; go out to meet Christ the Lord.
The five wise virgins took oil in their jars;
and at midnight there was a loud cry.

Performers: Ensemble Plus Ultra conducted by Michael Noone

Score available from Nancho Alvarez’ site: Partituras de Francisco Guerrero

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