John Dunstable (± 1390-1453): Beata Dei genitrix

The English guise they wear with grace
They follow Dunstable aright,
And thereby have they learned apace
To make their music gay and bright.

English composers had considerable influence in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance perhaps the most influential was Dunstable of whom Martin le Franc wrote that Guillaume Du Fay and Gilles Binchois, “took of the English manner, and followed Dunstable, whereby wondrous pleasure makes their music joyous and famous”. (I wrote about Dunstable’s significance here John Dunstable (± 1390-1453): Magnificat | Saturday Chorale – mfi). So closely did Du Fay and Binchois follow Dunstable that sometimes his music music was attributed to them as occurred with this setting of the Marian intercessionary motet Beata Dei genitrix (Blessed Mother of God) which for a long time was believed to be by Binchois. Enjoy :-).


John Dunstable (± 1390-1453): Beata Dei genitrix

Beata Dei genitrix
Maria virgo perpetua,
templum Domini,
sacrarium Spiritus Sancti,
sola sine exemplo
placuisti Domino Jesu Christo.
Ora pro populo,
interveni pro clero,
intercede pro devoto femineo sexu.

The blessed mother of God,
Mary, eternal virgin,
temple of the Lord,
shrine of the Holy Ghost,
alone, without peer,
thou pleased the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray for the people,
intercede for the clergy,
intercede for the devout female sex.

Performers: Gothic Voices conducted by Christopher Page.

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