Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783): Requiem in E-flat major [Dresdner Kammerchor-Dresdner Barockorchester]

Hasse was very famous, popular, and influential, during his lifetime but his works aren’t often performed today. His music is very Italianate as indeed was his private life – he married an Italian prima donna and they moved to Italy during his later years. He wrote a vast amount of music including this delightful Requiem in E-flat major. Delightful? A requiem? Well, yes, I can’t think of any other word to describe it. It’s a very attractive more than somewhat operatic piece of music and when I say ‘operatic’ I really mean it, it’s so operatic that it includes places where the soloist can improvise cadenzas – which they do with considerable flair in this recording. The Dies Irae reminds me of something from the Mozart Requiem, but then strikes out for pastures new, the Lacrymosa does likewise while the Recordare is a long florid soprano aria. The entire piece is like this true it has a few solemn moments but taken as a whole it’s operatic and very cheerful indeed in places it’s downright bouncy. Enjoy :-).


Simona Houda-Šaturová [soprano]
Pritta Schwarz [alto]
Eric Stokloßa [tenore]
Gotthold Schwarz [basso]
Dresdner Kammerchor
Dresdner Barockorchester
Hans-Christoph Rademann [conductor]

Video and credits source: ▶ J.A. Hasse: Requiem in E-flat major [Dresdner Kammerchor-Dresdner Barockorchester] – YouTube Published on 17 Mar 2014 by Concerto Grosso

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