Thomas Tallis (±1505-1585)(attrib): Out from the deep

Tallis 180 x 150Tallis was one of the composers who composed some of the earliest English anthems. Tallis is generally reckoned to have composed around forty but that’s a more than somewhat misleading figure as quite a few of his English compositions are straightforward contrafacta of Latin compositions. There are also several anthems which are no believed to have been misattributed amongst which this setting of Psalm 130 Out from the deep (De Profundis) which may in fact be by William Parsons. Its text is from a metrical version of Psalm 130 and it’s in the ABB format (i.e. two sections, the second of which is repeated) used by many Edwardian and early Elizabethan anthem composers. Enjoy :-)


Thomas Tallis (±1505-1585)(attrib): Out from the deep

Out from the deep I call to thee,
O Lord, hear my invocation.
Thine ears bow down, incline to me,
And hear my lamentation.
For if thou wilt our sins behold,
That we have done from time to tide,
O Lord, who then dare be so bold
As in thy sight for to abide.
Psalm 130

Performers: Chapelle du Roi conducted by Alistair Dixon

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