John Sheppard (±1515-1558): Spiritus Sanctus procedens (II)

Sheppard set Spiritus Sanctus procedens (The Holy Spirit coming forth) the third Respond at Matins on Whitsunday twice. It’s a six-part setting the text of which relates how the Holy Ghost entered the Apostles’ hearts causing them to speak in tongues. He built it by taking the chant which you can hear sung in one of the tenor lines and layering the other voices around it, the idea being that this tenor line represents the voice of God through the Holy Spirit. Enjoy :-)


John Sheppard (±1515-1558): Spiritus Sanctus procedens (II)

Spiritus Sanctus procedens a throno
apostolorum pectora invisibiliter penetravit,
novum sanctificationis signum,
ut in ore eorum omnium genera
nascerentur linguarum. Alleluia.
Advenit ignis divinus non comburens sed illuminans
et tribuit eis carismatum dona.
Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto.

Third Respond at Matins on Whitsunday

The Holy Spirit coming forth from on high
entered the hearts of the apostles unseen,
a new sign of his grace,
that there might come forth from their mouths
all manner of tongues. Alleluia.
The divine fire came down not to burn but to give light and it endowed them with the gifts of grace.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

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