Plainchant Antiphon For The Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels – Dum sacrum mysterium

Under Sarum usage Dum sacrum mysterium was the Antiphon to the Magnificat at Vespers on Michaelmas (Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels) which falls on September 29th. It was also used as the cantus firmus to Robert Carver’s Mass setting Missa Dum sacrum mysterium which was most probably used as the coronation Mass for king James IV of Scotland. It’s performed below by The Sixteen conducted by Harry Christophers. Enjoy :-).


Dum sacrum mysterium

Dum sacrum mysterium cerneret Johannes, archangelus Michael tuba
cecinit, ignosce domine deus noster qui
aperis librum et solvis signacula eius.

While John surveys the divine mystery,
Archangel Michael sounds the trumpet.
O forgiving Lord, our God, who lays open
the book and reveals his signs.

Performers: The Sixteen conducted by Harry Christophers.

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