Lodovico Grossi da Viadana (± 1560-1627): Exsultate justi [á 4; Adoremus]

Motet for four voices for the Feast of All Saints and the Common of Martyrs

… … …

Source: Cento Concerti Ecclesiastici, á una, á due, á tre, & á quattro voci. Con il Basso Continuo per sonar nell’Organo. Nova inventione commoda per ogni sorte de’ Cantori, & per gli Organisti. Di Lodovico Viadana. Opera Duodecima. In Venetia, appresso Giacomo Vincenti. MDCII (1602)

Video & Description Source: Viadana | Exsultate justi [á 4; Adoremus] – YouTube Published on 31 Oct 2015 by Andrea Scalia

2 thoughts on “Lodovico Grossi da Viadana (± 1560-1627): Exsultate justi [á 4; Adoremus]

  1. Wonderful mfi, thank you. Some time ago I got the idea to fill the house with music according to the season. This is a very nice addition to my project.

    • You’ll find quite a few of my postings deal with music for a specific feast. The idea is that over the years the entire year will be covered. Glad you liked it da Viadana’s music is well worth exploring.


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