The Herefordshire Carol – The King’s Singers

We owe our knowledge of this folk carol to Ralph Vaug­han Wil­liams who transcribed and popularised it. He got it from Ella Leath­er, a collector of folk music who had transcribed it from a folk singer named William Jenkins. I think it’s a survival from what was known as "gallery music" which was music written for performance by the choirs and con­grega­tions of pro­vin­ci­al parish churches and chapels. Its text deals with the Fall from Paradise and and the promise of redemption to be fulfilled by Jesus’ coming. Enjoy :-).


The Herefordshire Carol – The King’s Singers

Performers: The King’s Singers

Text: The Herefordshire Carol

This is the truth sent from above,
The truth of God, the God of love:
Therefore don’t turn me from your door,
But heark­en all, both rich and poor.

The first thing which I do relate
Is that God did man create,
The next thing which to you I’ll tell,
Woman was made with man to dwell.

Thus we were heirs to end­less woes,
Till God the Lord did in­ter­pose,
And so a pro­m­ise soon did run,
That he would re­deem us by his Son.

And at this season of the year
Our blest Re­deem­er did ap­pear,
And here did live, and here did pre­ach,
and many thousands he did teach.

Thus he in love to us be­haved,
To show us how we must be saved;
And if you want to know the way,
Be pleased to hear what he did say.

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