William Mundy (±1529-1591): Adhaesit pavimento

William Mundy’s six-part (SSATBB) psalm motet Adhaesit pavimento sets verses from psalm 119 (118 in the Vulgate) gets its name from verse twenty five Adhaesit pavimento anima mea (My soul has cleaved to the dust) which is its first line. English composers of Mundy’s generation were well aware of Josquin’s psalm settings and sought to emulate them at least a couple of times. Mundy’s psalm settings are, I think, some of his most beautiful music. Adhaesit pavimento consists of very densely woven through-composed polyphony that’s inspired by continental psalmody but which is nevertheless distinctively English. Enjoy :-).


William Mundy (±1529-1591): Adhaesit pavimento

Adhaesit pavimento anima mea:
vivifica me secundum verbum tuum.
Vias meas enuntiavi et exaudisti me:
doce me iustificationes tuas.
Viam iustificationum tuarum instrue me:
et exercebor in mirabilibus tuis.
Dormitavit anima mea prae taedio:
confirma me in verbis tuis.
My soul is fixed in the dust:
give me life according to your word.
I have been open in my ways and you have heard me:
teach me your righteousness.
Instruct me in the ways of your justice:
and I will meditate on your wonders.
My soul has become drowsy for very weariness:
strengthen me by your word.
Viam iniquitatis amove a me:
et de lege tua miserere mei.
Viam veritatis elegi:
iudicia tua non sum oblitus.
Adhaesi testimoniis tuis, Domine:
noli me confundere.
Viam mandatorum tuorum cucurri:
cum dilatasti cor meum. Amen.

Psalm 119: 25-32

Take far from me the way of sinfulness:
and according to your law have mercy on me.
I have chosen the way of truth:
I have not forgotten your judgements.
I have clung to your decrees, Lord:
do not disappoint me.
I have run the course of your commandments:
when you have opened my heart to them. Amen.

English translation: Jeremy White © 2014

Performers: Magnificat directed by Philip Cave

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